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Taurus Biogas provides comprehensive management services to maximize the value of your biogas facility, allowing you to concentrate on what matters – operating your business.

About Taurus Biogas

Maximize your investment

Our team of experienced and driven engineers, operators, mechanics, supervisors, and administrators have the expertise to manage your biogas facility safely, efficiently, and profitably.

We partner with you on all aspects of operations and maintenance, making sure your biogas facility seamlessly integrates with your day-to-day operations. We effectively manage how your manure, food waste, or other feedstock is handled on the front end and processed in the anaerobic digester for maximum methane production.

The team drives operational efficiencies that minimize costs and increase profitability while utilizing best-in-class safety and risk management practices. And our extensive know-how ensures that your digester will generate high-quality byproducts to be utilized on-site for bedding and fertilizer, or monetized through our strategic relationships for off-site use.


Enhanced waste management for maximum gas production


Fine tuned operations to increase reliability and improve profitability


Risk mitigation through industry best practices


Want to join a seasoned and passionate team that is on the forefront of sustainable waste processing solutions? Let’s connect.

We have opportunities for multiple roles at some of the nation’s most ambitious, innovative and sustainability-focused agribusiness operations. These farms and food processing facilities are utilizing their waste in closed-loop systems generating ultra low carbon fuel, making the food chain more sustainable and diversifying our domestic energy supply.

Be part of an organization with limitless growth opportunities.

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